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Frequently Asked Questions


Blink Speed Dating - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of people participate?

We attract friendly guys and girls from all sorts of career backgrounds. Everyone is just looking for a fun night out and something different from the regular bar and nightclub scene. People always comment on how 'normal' the participants are!

How much does it cost?

Each event is just $59 to meet 10 people your age. You'll also receive two drinks and finger food. Bring your friends or make new ones there - either way it will be a fun night out! Not registered? Register here.

What should I wear?

Some people arrive straight from work in their professional clothes, but most dress smart casual and comfortable - just like any other dating attire.

What happens when I arrive?

You are greeted by your host who will provide your two complimentary drink vouchers, supply a name tag and indicate seating arrangements or other special instructions.

To view the actual briefing speech your host will give click here.
Are there any breaks during the evening?

Yes, there is one 15 minute break halfway during the evening, where most people take a comfort stop or grab another drink before meeting the last 5 singles.

How soon do I receive my matches?

Your matches are sent by email within 24HRS of the start of the event. For those without an email address, a Customer Service representative will call to advise you of your match results.

How many matches can I choose?

You may choose any number of matches you like, and most pick more than one. Remember, the only way to score a Mutual Match is for both parties to tick 'yes'!

Do you have groups for certain ethnic groups, backgrounds, religions?

Currently we offer only mixed ethnic groups, but may offer more specific categories in the future, depending on demand.

Once I'm registered, how do I attend an Event?

Simply Log into the Members Area, enter the Username and Password which was sent to you after registering and click on 'Attend An Event'. Choose an event matching your age group and then select your preferred payment method.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept most major Credit Cards, Direct Deposits, Cheques & Money Orders as methods of payment. All online Credit Card transactions are protected by secure 128bit encryption. We also accept BBX.

What age categories are there?

Age categories are carefully chosen for each city based on their subtle differences in demographics and other factors. Common age groups are 23-33, 27-37, 25-35 etc. We also have events in older age brackets such as 45-55, 50-60 and these take place according to demand.

If you are on the fringe of an age group category, you may select another category. However, you MUST be within three years of the age fringe e.g. if the age category is 25-35, a 22 yr old could attend, but not a 21 yr old. 90% of participants are within the specified age category.

Can I bring along a friend or buddy?

Sure, so long as they are single! We recommend using our 'Tell A Friend' feature to invite your friends. Simply login and click on the 'Tell A Friend' link.

Alternatively, you can call our office and book all tickets simultaneously (recommended for events close to selling out).

Where are the events held?

Our venues are carefully chosen for their stylish, relaxed atmosphere, easy access to public transport and parking. Once you read the venue list for your area, you will probably recognise the locations.

I don't drink alcohol, is this event suitable?

You can purchase non alcoholic drinks or use your free drink vouchers for non alcoholic drinks. In fact, it is advisable to drink less at such an event to maintain composure (take it from us!).

Can I attend another event in the future after the first one?

Certainly! You may find there are 1 or 2 people who have also attended before, but this is very unusual. There is no need to re-register, so when reserving a place be sure to use your previous login details so our system can group you together with new people wherever possible.

What is the Blink Speed Dating Guarantee?

Here is how the Blink Guarantee works: If you attend an event and do not meet anyone that you give a "yes" tick to, then your next event is free. We want all of our clients to enjoy the events and meet people they'd like to see again!

Here is how it does not work: If you attend an event and DO give "yes" ticks to people but don't receive a mutual match. In this case, you would NOT be eligible for the Blink Guarantee. However, we do encourage you to attend another event because just because you didn't receive a mutual match doesn't mean that no one selected you.

What type of people attend?

We do not specifically screen applicants further than establishing their identity, but this type of service tends to attract young professionals aged 23-45+. Many of our participants are teachers, nurses, dentists, architects, doctors, lawyers, public service or government employees, IT workers, consultants, clerical workers etc.

What do most people talk about?

We discourage people from talking about their vocation or business interests, and instead to focus on dating friendly topics such as personal interests, hobbies, current affairs, sports and leisure time activities. The reason we ask people not to talk about their job, is that this may disclose their place of work in the process which is not advised. Not to mention there are more interesting topics of conversation!

Any further questions or want to make a booking over the phone?

Call us Toll Free in Australia on 1300 55 88 97 during office hours (9:00-5:30 EST) and one of our friendly customer service representatives will take your details and credit card information to reserve your seat in real time.
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