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Blink Speed Dating Australia

How Blink Speed Dating Works

Step 1 - Register for FREE to View Events in your area and age group

Register with Blink Speed Dating Australia, then simply choose an event in your area that suits your timetable and preferences. Once payment is submitted via the secure online processing your seat is reserved in real time.

Step 2 - Meet your host at the venue to receive further instructions

Your host will be obvious once you enter the venue. They will check you off the attendees list, issue you with your two drink vouchers* (most important!) and give you your name tag (first name only). Relax, grab a drink and mingle with your new Blink Dating friends.
*unless the event does not include vouchers

Step 3 - Date singles

The fun begins after a short introduction from the host and a rundown of the very simple rules. The ladies remain seated, and the guys spend a few minutes minutes with each lady before a timer goes off, and the next place is taken. After meeting a few singles singles over 35 minutes - we break for half-time drinks and finger food for 15 minutes, before starting the process again for the final phase.

Ninety minutes later you have met ten singles in your age group and had the opportunity to indicate on a private "match-card'' your interest in meeting them again (by simply choosing yes/no in private). The Confidential Match Cards are collected by the host at the end of the night.

Step 4- Check your email

The matching process is automatically calculated by our software within 24 hours of the event. Your match results are then sent to your nominated email address. By default, only your email address will be disclosed to your Mutual Matches - if an email address is not available for a member, a mobile number will be provided.

Your Briefing

On the night your host will brief you before the speed dating begins. For those that might arrive late or want to be prepared beforehand, we have included the briefing notes your host will use on the night. This way, you will be even more relaxed on the night knowing exactly how the process works!

Welcome to Blink Speed Dating. My name is I'm your host tonight, if you need anything please ask at anytime.
We will start in 2 minutes, but before let me just explain how everything works. It's very important everyone understands the numbering and match system.
You can see each table is numbered from 1 to 10 (demonstrate numbers e.g. table 1, table 2, table 3, etc) Females will take their places at their nametag number at the corresponding table <POINT TO TABLES>. Females will not move from their positions.
Males will also start at their nametag number, but will move up in sequence. For example, Male Name Tag No.8 will Start at position 8 then move to 9, 10 then loop back to 1 and 2 and so forth. When marking your nametags, females will actually mark them backwards as each male moves up the line.
Males will tend to mark their match cards forwards as they move up the line.
So .. This is the most important bit! When marking your match card, you are ticking the box next to the persons NAMETAG number NOT necessarily the order you meet them.
The match process is simple. You should clearly TICK YES or NO next to each match AFTER EACH SPEED DATE (even if it's a NO). If you change your mind, please clearly cross the other tick out OR request a NEW match card from me.
Don't wait until after the event to choose your matches, otherwise you will forget! Discreetly tick YES or NO after EVERY speed date, not just your YES ticks!
A Yes tick does not mean you want to spend the rest of your life with that person, a Yes is really a maybe!
Both parties MUST tick yes to trigger a match. Matches are sent via email tomorrow after 4PM. If you do not have an email address registered with us, your mobile phone number will be released to mutual matches.
Where a mutual match occurs, both parties receive each others email addresses. However, you will only get their first name and last letter of surname tomorrow afternoon, so it's highly recommended you make notes tonight of all those you ticked YES to. This way you will remember who those matches are tomorrow! Half time is the perfect opportunity to do this.
In terms of conversation, you should not ask questions regarding place of work, nor should you answer questions that reveal your place of work or home.
We will break after 5 speed dates for some nibbles, Please be ready after 15 minutes to begin again. There will also be some nibbles at the end of the event, and you are welcome to stay on as long as you wish.
Finally, each speed date will be 7 minutes long with a 15 second maximum grace period to end your conversation after the bell is rung . Guys, its very important that you say your goodbyes straight away once the bell is rung. Please move to your next date straight away to ensure everything runs smoothly!
At the end of the evening, please hand in the match card to me personally. If you need anything, glass of water, pen or new match card sing out.
Have fun! Let's start, please take your places now at your nametag number both males and females, and guys be ready to move quickly in 7 minutes time once you hear the bell!

How it Doesn't Work!

Please don't ask your fellow Blink Daters questions about their place of work, address or other identifying details on the first blink date. You can discuss these riveting topics on future dates if there's a mutual match!
Try not to drink too much. We recommend taking advantage of the two FREE drink vouchers included with your event, but don't go overboard because this had been the death knell of some of our participants in the past!
Please be on your best behaviour. Do not use foul or sexually suggestive language. This will get you banned from future Blink Dating events if we receive a complaint. For the 99.99% of people who respect these guidelines we are sorry to insult your intelligence!
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